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Stage ingénieur matériaux en environnement et énergie

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Date of last connection: 2012-06-13
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Miss My... Ta...
H2K3X7 Montréal

Prepared job(s): : Ingénieur matériaux


School: EEIGM 54010 Nancy

Education level: 5th year

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : -3
Last diploma :
Current educational level : < -5
Prepared job(s): : Ingénieur matériaux

Duration of the internship: 6 mois
Beginning of the internship:
2012-03-15 2012-09-15
Full-time Yes
Study-work program No
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 11 >> 30Km


Known Tools / Software/ Methods :

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
English : Advanced
Spanish : Fluent
German : Basic

Cover letter

Montréal, January 11, 2012

Subject: Unsolicited
application for a 6-month postgraduate internship in materials science, from March
15th to September 15th 2012

Dear Mrs an Mr:

As a student
completing a master’s degree in material engineering at the European Materials Science Engineering
School (EEIGM) in France, I am writing to you to request a 6-month internship. This internship will require the
skills I have developed in material sciences and many other related fields.

My education gave
me a strong background in material engineering focused in the synthesis, optimization,
and characterization. As well as the application of metals, polymers,
composites and ceramics. In addition, it offered an interdisciplinary program
in manufacturing engineering. This area of study allowed me to discover how
material sciences are fascinating and can be directly applied to a vast range
of real life situation. I have followed an international education by learning
3 languages, studying with students from all over the world and by traveling for
a year and a half in foreign countries for exchange and internships programs.

During my research
internship at the INRS (Montreal, Canada), I worked on the development and the
optimization of a new electrochemical process for nitrate removal from water.
The research proposal presents an innovative approach that incorporates the
elaboration and the use of functional materials to achieve precise electrochemical
reactions, which convert nitrate specifically to nitrogen. Also, I had the
chance to participate to the elaboration of novel anode materials for the
development of Li-ion batteries. During this internship, I have greatly
expanded my knowledge and expertise in material synthesis, characterization (SEM,
XRD, XPS) and their uses for environmental and energy applications. While
working for the INRS, I successfully applied my research and theoretical skills
in material sciences. This experience gave me the opportunity to work closely
with a team of researchers, all the while helping me to understand the
importance of the research step during the development of a new product.

I am hardworking,
self-motivated, reliable and love the opportunity to learn new things that are
challenging. Through my numerous association experiences I learned that working
as a team can aid one's understanding of project management, responsibilities,
and organization, which make me a good candidate t join your work team. My
present goal is to achieve a strong environmental and energy experience and to
be able to develop skills and a career in this field.

I can be reached in
confidence at of the above phone number and look forward to hearing from you. Please
don't hesitate to contact me if I can answer to any questions and I’m also
available for a meeting.

Sincerely yours,


Starting to accumulate environment and energy
linked skills
in my materials engineer formation; I would like to perform my
last professional training in reference companies, I wish
obtain a maximum of experience in this fields. The
following step would be a specialized master degree in management of energy.


diploma in materials from
the European School of Engineers in Materials (EEIGM)
in Nancy, FRANCE

semester in Barcelona, Spain at the Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
Biomaterials, Corrosion, Fracture and fatigue materials, Degradation, Metallic materials

09.2009 - 12.2012

semesters of
courses in engineering school of materials science. Modulus:

design, characterization, ceramics
and glass ceramics,

flow and transfer,
3 European

years of Classes
préparatoires, part of the French post-secondary education
at the
EEIGM. Modulus:
computer science, 3 European
chemistry, inorganic
materials and chemistry, materials science and engineering …

Sciences High School Diploma, Level good, option
physics-chemistry and Spanish
European classes,
Louis de Cormontaigne,
57000 Metz, FRANCE

Works Experience

Laboratory internship at INRS-
Energy Materials and Telecommunications, Development
of an
electrochemical process for the treatment of contaminated water
with nitrates and ammonia, 1650
(Montréal), J3X
1P7 QC

job in a
supermarket Carrefour Market:
logistic, costumer service, Zac des Beguennes
57365 Ennery,

placement: production sector at Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions, production of ceramics materials as thermal spray flexicord for
flame spray gun, ZI Courtine Mourre Frais, 50, Rue du Mourelet,
84000 Avignon, France

Conselor in holiday camp, Centre Pierre Rodesh,
Longeville-les-Metz, FRANCE and Maison Pour Tous, 57140 Woippy,

Computer skills

system : Mac, Windows, Linux

in Pack Office, Open Office, Origin

ABAQUS, Flex PDE, Matlab, ECLab


French Primate

English Fluent
spoken and written, Diploma: FCE obtained in 2009

07-08.2008: 6 weeks in Ireland, linguistic

Spanish Fluent
spoken and written, Diploma: DELE grade B2 passed in 11.2011

07-08.2010: 5 weeks in Peru and Bolivia,
linguistic trip

02-06.2011: 5 month in Barcelona, exchange

German A2,
learnt from 09.2007 to 06.2010

Community involvement

2009-2010 President
of the student organisation, BDE
EEIGM, Nancy, France

2009-2010 Member
of the Regional and National Engineer Association

2008-2011 Barmaid
of the student bar

2008-2009 Person
in charge of the Party Office at the student organization

Interest and activities

Sports Salsa,
hip hop, rock’n
roll, School of circus

Hobbies Volleyball,
travel, music, motorcycling, rugby

Trips Russia,
Peru, Bolivia, USA, Italia, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Canada, …

Other diploma

04.2009 Motocycle
driver’s licence

01.2008 Auto
driver’s licence

2007 BAFA
(equivalence: youth group leader certificate)

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